NetBSD terminfo and curses improved, 2009-12-08 00:00:00 #
Roy Marples has recently completed his work to make the NetBSD curses implementation more useful and compatible. So if you're a fan of NetBSD's games, vi, etc, .

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iChat with NetGear SPI (stateful packet inspection) is problematic, 2009-12-05 00:00:00 #
So for a while now I've noticed that when is online from home I am unable to hit my website or ssh to my house. I thought this was related to my office's firewall but last night noticed that it was happening locally to. The problem seems to be that netgear's SPI is triggered when iChat (not adium) signs into AIM and it decides to SHUT DOWN ALL INCOMING TRAFFIC! So if this website had extended outages during the day, that could have been a potential reason. Anyway, netgear's SPI sucks and I should put my soekris back in the firewall hotseat.

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BSDCan 2010 announced - represent NetBSD, 2009-12-04 00:00:00 #
FYI- If you're going to be in Canada, go to BSDCan. I went to NYCBSDCon and had a pretty good time meeting all kinds of people I see on mailing lists, irc, etc. (Hello, Christos, jlam, and Brian S.), listening to talks about various things, and having something to do when I go somewhere and travel. Also if you're doing something interesting, give a talk! NetBSD does tons of amazing work that no one knows about. :)

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NetBSD defaulting to more security, then the normal amount, then back again!, 2009-11-14 00:00:00 #
Later on in the thread, however, because of performance concerns.

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programming jrobin on the command line, 2009-11-14 00:00:00 #
So at work we recently upgraded our OpenNMS system and noticed that it switched from normal (which is awesome software) to the pure java alternative . This makes sense because opennms is java software and it's generally easier to keep things in the family. They even took over the development of jrobin! However, we run a few custom reports requiring custom . So, now we're working with traditional rrdtool files and jrobin files, which are not compatible. For one-time generation, you can convert between the two (at least, jrobin claims to do that) but for on-the-fly use it's handy to have a command-line interface to produce these graphs. Okay, jrobin comes with a class called the RrdCommander, which is supposed to offer an rrdtool-compatible interface to jrobin files. RrdCommander's info, create, etc all seem to work as advertised, except of course the GRAPH function!!! Now, I'm not expert java programmer, but the NullPointerExceptions in org.jrobin.cmd.RrdGraphCmd are so prevalent that trying to create a patch is pointless. The only sane advice is "try again". Now that our five-line java program is out of the question we must try the next interface- the XML Template. Luckily, I have found that this basically works, but it has some quirks. The method to tell you if it's reading your template variables (hasVariables()) simply does not work. Using a '-' for the filename creates an "in memory graph", but then doesn't leave you a way to get at the graph data and, say, dump it to stdout like using - would imply. (luckily, I figured out how to implement this myself despite being told it was impossible in freenode's ##java) The second quirk is that it uses your height and width for the actual graph, but then pads on the legends, leaving you with a somewhat random image size. Anyway, I now mostly have what I need so I hope to move forward with my life.

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