mt_pkg.sh posted, 2009-01-03 00:00:00 #
Today I posted my idea for using mtree as a simple pkg database for the netbsd base install. I haven't gotten any replies yet, so I'm not sure if anyone likes the idea, or if the subject doesn't work for them, but let me know what you think: I also have the script located here:

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Started and finished Tomb Raider Legend, 2008-12-21 00:00:00 #
I started and finished tomb raider legend this week. It was very easy and short, but fun. I suppose I've played enough of those types of games (3rd person action/map puzzle) to be relatively good (unlikely) at them so it went pretty quickly. I could replay through the whole thing in new outfits and time trial my ability to get through levels, but that's kind of silly. :)

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Installed NetBSD 5.99.x on my eeepc, 2008-12-17 00:00:00 #
I just installed NetBSD-current (5.99 right now) on my eee and it was pretty much exactly the same as it always has been. The installer seems the same except that it updates rc.conf with rc_configured=YES, so you can actually get into multi user mode on the first boot. I also wanted to use the in-tree x.org, so I checked out xsrc (cvs checkout xsrc) and then did a build.sh -X ../xsrc to get it to build. I then installed with tar -C / -xzvf x[..].tgz. It went smoothly and twm started without even trying to get a working xorg.conf (which I should have saved from my 4.99 instsall. oh well) Anyway, this should be about the same as 5.0 except now GENERIC will work with ath and lii. I also don't have to restart my network to get wireless working since wpa_supplicant and dhcpcd seem to interact a little nicer. It got me thinking a little bit about a project for automated installs of netbsd. I think it should be pretty easy to script the entire process of newfs and tar/pax, so maybe I'll look into it a little more.

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pie-in-the-sky build.sh enhancements, 2008-12-13 00:00:00 #
To expand a little bit on the thread of my I'd like to document more things that have been rattling around in my head for a while- build.sh to pkgsrc crossover framework. I would like to have a list of pkgsrc packages and a mk.conf variable pointing to where pkgsrc lived. When I do a build.sh makepkgs=YES, build.sh would build NetBSD and create a meta-pkg with my list in it, reach over to $PKGSRCHOME/, build these packages with my build.sh tools (cross-build enabled!), and pop that onto my install media. The installed could then see that I have pkgs/* to install and ask if I wanted to put them in. build.sh/crunchgen custom userland list. This is another list of programs where I want to build a custom crunchgen bundle with build.sh so that I could create a file with only the programs I wanted, execute build.sh mkcrunch=YES kernel=FOO, and end up with a FOO kernel containing the crunched FOO list of programs I specified. For reference, I've shared similar suggestions in the past:

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Linux sues Cisco -- BSD benefits, 2008-12-12 00:00:00 #
On irc we were discussing and how, no matter the outcome, BSD will benefit. Here's the reasoning per potential outcome: FSF wins, cisco is forced to comply with the license. This proves that the GPL is court-enforceable and removes some ambiguity from using the GPL as a license, which puts it on similar footing as BSD. This is a win for linux, which is a win for free software in general, which is a win for BSD. Cisco wins and does not have to comply- this sets a precedent that the GPL is useless in court and software seeking freedom will look to BSD, which has had better results in the courts. Cisco decides compliance is not worth the effort and switches Linksys to NetBSD. Obviously, BSD wins in this situation since it gets more market penetration. Even if they simply settle out of court and the whole thing goes away it would also make companies considering GPL/Linux wary since they might get sued if they don't fully comply. BSD is much, much easier to satisfy. (Portions of our product use code derived from NetBSD. Compliance complete. See sony psp for an example.) If Cisco sues the FSF out of existence, that's a huge loss for the free software community, but an even bigger loss for linux than for BSD.

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