reminiscing about NetBSD and NYCBSDCon, 2010-11-14 22:35:56 #

So I'm just back at home from a pretty full weekend of nycbsdcon meeting interesting peopl from netbsd and from apache and from dfbsd and from perl6 and from all kinds of stuff. I got to introduce myself as the illustrious owner of mspo.com and just a guy who's been around for a little while. ;)

Motivation to do more? Possibly.

Anyway, if you were there and I didn't meet you- sorry! If you're still in new york- I'm for meetups.

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NYCBSDCon last call, 2010-11-11 07:18:00 #
NYCBSDCon is this weekend, so there's still a little time to make it!

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cfengine3 now in main pkgsrc, 2010-11-08 17:59:22 #
cfengine3 was added to mainline pkgsrc by pettai@ so my wip/ pkg is gone.
He made some rc scripts, created an INSTALL file, and switched all of this:
${PREFIX}/share/doc/${PKGBASE}/inputs/failsafe.cf ${EGDIR}/failsafe.cf
${EGDIR}/inputs/failsafe.cf ${SYSCONFDIR}/failsafe.cf
which is good because I could never really figure out where those default files should end up.

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lua in NetBSD userland, 2010-10-26 13:26:10 #
Userland Lua

NetBSD is adding a scripting language to userland

Not perl, not python, not tcl, but lua has made the grade as a userland scripting language for general use in NetBSD. This is a pretty sweet deal and I guess the approval into the kernel seemed like the fast track to userland success. I'm personally happy about the decision since including perl or python into operating system releases basically ruins the language's usability due to skewed release schedules. Lua, however, seems very stable. (releases seem infrequent enough, at least)

I wonder if NetBSD will be including luarocks or just sticking with pkgsrc.

Does cgilua work with bozohttpd? Maybe we'll find out.

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NetBSD SASL, 2010-10-14 21:08:59 #
The lua SoC project is getting a lot of coverage, but I'd also like to see some energy behind a very interesting project from this year's summer of code: NetBSD's SASL Client LIbrary.

Right now there are two major players in SASL/open source: Dovecot and Cyrus. Both of these are developed along-side IMAP servers, and work with postfix. Cyrus is also compatible with OpenLDAP, sendmail, and a ton of other stuff. (apache, for example)

The fact that NetBSD is taking on their own implementation is impressive, just like many other parts of the netbsd tree which have potential around the world.

tags: netbsd

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