NYCBSDCon NetBSD-recognized speakers, 2010-10-06 18:36:22 #
the NYCBSDCon 2010 Schedule

If you look at the NYC BSD Con you might see two NetBSD-related names:

And a name I don't recognize but has NetBSD in his bio: James K. Lowden

Anyway, since I'm living in new york now definitely look me up if you plan on attending/being around for NYC BSD Con (or just in nyc anytime). I should be at the conference.

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Lua in the NetBSD kernel SoC project results, 2010-10-06 09:03:53 #
lua in the netbsd kernel

The addition of lua to the netbsd kernel project was completed and has patches available. I definitely look forward to some crazy stuff, rapid prototyping, very easy/efficient packet filter languages, insane puffs-lua filesystems (netfs == netstat as a filesystem in lua in userland/kernel? why not?)

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Memory in NetBSD, 2010-09-26 18:31:35 #
On NetBSD the memory available to the OS is calculated after the kernel pretty much boots up, so I added a ton of banner()'s to my startup and saw where memory was lost after subsystem inits. Here are the results:
total memory = 255MB

avail memory = 238 MB  <- after consinit
avail memory = 237 MB  <- after uvm_init
avail memory = 235 MB  <- after a bunch of devices startup
avail memory = 234 MB  <- final number

However, I'm not sure how to get accounting of that initial drop, but I assume that's where the main kernel parts are loaded.

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clang in pkgsrc, 2010-09-23 20:24:46 #
clang support in pkgsrc

The link pretty much says it all.

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new stuff in pkgsrc and cfengine3 testing, 2010-09-23 09:52:19 #
Some new stuff added to pkgsrc recently:

And almost cfengine 3 but it probably needs a little more testing before it can make it into pkgsrc proper. I added this package while evaluating cfengine, puppet, and chef but now I just don't have enough testing in to tell if the package is complete.
For example, it could probably copy the cfengine binaries into /var/cfengine/bin, but the cfengine bootstrap process is also supposed to do that (I think).
If anyone has some experience with cfengine and wants to critique this pkg I'd be happy to make some updates. If I get a little time I may also convert my home network to cfengine management. I figure knowing more than one of these types of solutions is probably a good idea.

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