1. "userquota" should be set in the options of /etc/fstab for the filesystem where you want you want quotas enabled.

  2. /dev/sd0a /usr/local ffs rw,userquota 1 1

  3. Make sure your quota-enabled filesystem is mounted

  4. Run /etc/rc.d/quota start to generate an automatic "quotacheck -a" command

  5. "edquota -f FILESYSTEM USER" will open up vi and have you fill out the quota file

  6. Quotas for user qtest:
    /usr/local: blocks in use: 0, limits (soft = 20, hard = 10)
    inodes in use: 0, limits (soft = 100, hard = 150)

  7. "quotaon -a" to turn quotas on for every filesystem with the userquota option

  8. Finally, try running repquota -a to see a report of all the quotas and test it out! Here's my attempting to exceed my quota of 100K

  9. Error: bar: Disc quota exceeded; bar: WARNING: FILE TRUNCATED.


I found a few issues with quotas-

quota(1) - check your own quota
repquota(8) - check everyone's quota
quotaon(8) - enable quotas
edquota(8) - edit the quota file
quotacheck(8) - see if a user is exceeding his quota